About Us

GERTECH Handling Systems cc is a company operating and managed on Biblical principles.
This is reflected by the way projects are managed and the way people are treated, including Gertech's clients, staff and suppliers.
The company concentrates on products and services in the bulk material handling industries, ranging from storage systems, mechanical conveyors and pneumatic conveying systems.

Short history of company:

Gertech Handling Systems started up under the name Gertech Consultancy Enterprises in 1992.  Since 1998 the company has been involved in supplying equipment and storage facilities for handling of material in bulk.


Gerrit de Hoog:
Engineering degree (B Eng - Agriculture) from University of Pretoria. Work experience in the field of bulk material handling since 1990.


Design and manufacturing of complete storage and conveying systems for all types of dry material which can be handled in bulk.

We offer the following services:
Design and manufacturing of all types of mechanical conveyors such as:
  • Bucket elevators from 5 t/hr up to 500t/hr;
  • Chain conveyors;
  • Screw conveyors from 0,5 t/hr up to 150 t/hr;
  • Sweep augers for cleaning flat floor storage areas;
  • Tube & Chain conveyors up to 400 t/hr;
Design and manufacturing or supply of pneumatic conveying systems:
  • Positive pressure blow systems;
  • Negative pressure vacuum conveying;
  • Dust extraction systems;

For low discharge pressures - Centrifugal blowers, mainly from Kongskilde, but not limited to.
For medium discharge pressures - Side channel type blowers.
For high pressure systems, the Aerzen Screw Compressor type blowers.
Industrial type, self cleaning Filters, mainly from Donaldson Filtration, but not limited to.

Notes - Manufacturing:

GERTECH Handling Systems utilizes a variety of manufacturers and manufacturing facilities throughout the country.  Depending on the nature of the system / product required, we will either design the system / product in-house or buy out the required system / product from other companies, allowing us to offer a complete solution to our clients.

Sales Principles:

In general, Gertech will go out of their way to make sure the client gets what he expects.  The secret of the business is in going the extra mile for the client and to do a little bit more than what is expected by making sure the equipment runs hassle-free for many years.

We reserve the right not to get involved with a specific project and/or client/s at our discretion.