Dust Extraction

GERTECH Handling Systems specializes in the removal of dust in, among others, the printing - and packaging industries, for the purpose of recycling and/or waste removal, including all related equipment.

Services offered include:
Equipment include:
  • Design and implementation of multiple, independent dust removal systems, ensuring maintenance of equipment, independent of other processes.
  • Centralized systems are available.
  • Total solutions.
  • World-wide expertise in dust removal.
  • Central Vacuum Systems.
  • Bricqueting machines.
  • Quick release pipe systems with quick release clamping joints, ensuring easy maintenance and / change of layout.
  • Large range of blowers.
  • Acoustic housing for blowers.
  • High Efficiency Cyclones.
  • Industrial Filters.
Gertech Filter
In-Line Filters with pressure release cleaning of filter bags.
Gertech manufactures their own range of filters using a simple cleaning principle, which does not use the traditional reverse jet pulse system. Pressure release cleaning can be used when there is a chance during production to regularly stop air flow through the filter for say 10 seconds. This releases the pressure (either positive or negative) inside the filter which will make the excess dust to fall off the filter bags. For instance, during pneumatic conveying of batches it is normal to have some time available between cycles which can be used to clean the filter.
Dust Extraction with Cyclonic Filters
In-Line Filters with reverse jet pulse cleaning of filter bags.
  • Paper.
  • Plastic.
  • Grain intake structures.
  • Flour.
  • Food processing.

Gertech can be contacted to discuss any specific needs and ideas. Please allow for a couple of days for specified quotations.