Mechanical Conveyors

GERTECH Handling Systems offers the design & manufacturing of various types of conveyors. Some are discussed here, but others are also available.
Tube and Chain Inside
Tube & Chain Conveyors
Design, manufacturing and supply of mechanical conveyors, such as:
  • Bucket elevators from 5 t/hr up to 1 200 t/hr;
  • Chain conveyors up to 1 200 t/hr;
  • Belt conveyors from 1 t/hr up to 1 200 t/hr;
  • Screw conveyors from 0,5 t/hr up to 150 t/hr;
  • Sweep augers for cleaning flat floor storage areas and silos;
  • Tube & Chain conveyors up to 310 t/hr;
    (Capacities based on maize, BD = 721 kg/m3)
Belt conveyor outlet
Mobile Screw conveyor
Reclaim Grain Conveyors
Products handled by Gertech:
  • Most types of grains;
  • Steeped grains;
  • Spent grain;
  • Milled grains and flour;
  • Sand;
  • Cement;
  • Sugar – white granular;
  • Shot blast;
  • Many varieties of plastic pellets;
  • Plastic regrind;
  • Paper waste material;
  • Dust extraction in a variety of industries.

Gertech can be contacted to discuss any specific needs and ideas. Please allow for a couple of days for specified quotations.