Flat Bottom Silos

GERTECH Handling Systems offers top quality corrugated steel silos, or -bins for grain storage, designed and manufactured by leading global companies. For smaller grain silos, or grain bins, South African manufactured products are available. These type of silos are mainly used for storage of free flowing grains and some types of semi free flowing products from other industries like storage of plastic pellets.

Diameters available for flat bottom silos -
  Range from 4.5 m to 32 m.
Volumetric capacities for flat bottom silos -
  Range from 80 m3 to 24 250 m3.
Generally, the maximum bulk density of the grain to be stored is 830 kg/m3.

Services available:

  • Full turnkey grain storage and handling facility – from concrete foundations to grain monitoring systems;
  • Grain ventilation / Grain aeration;
  • Grain intake – including intake pits and weighbridge facilities;
  • Conveyors and bucket elevators;
  • Grain cleaners;
  • Grain dryers / driers;
  • Protection Coatings available for Silos - Galvanizing and Magnelis coatings (For details on Magnelis coatings);
  • Complete Grain handling systems.
Grain Silo Complex
Flat Bottom Grain Silos

Gertech can be contacted to discuss any specific needs and ideas. Please allow for a couple of days for specified quotations.