Chain Conveyors

GERTECH Handling Systems offers the design & manufacturing of chain conveyors. Chain conveyors are also known as drag chain conveyors, or drag conveyors.

200 tph, HD Chain Conveyor, Tail Section_Opened

Silo outlet
Chain Conveyor under Silo outlet

GERTECH Chain Conveyors are designed by GERTECH engineers, applying many years of industrial experience to deliver reliable and high performance conveyors. All components will always adhere to high standards of quality and specifications, ensuring long lasting and durable equipment.
Conveyor Sprocket
Conveyor Sprocket

GERTECH has developed a unique way to secure sprockets onto shafts.  This design makes it impossible for the sprocket to move sideways, ensuring proper alignment of conveyor chain at all times. No grub screws are used.

Chain and Paddles
Chain and Paddles

Chain Conveyor Tail Section
Chain Conveyor Tail Section, with Speed Sensor bracket on tail shaft

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